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Labor Day Reading List – 2015

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The Labor Day weekend is a great time to catch up on your reading and I have four favorite reads to recommend to you as you leap into Fall 2015!

Each deals with key business questions every company has about where business is heading, how to engage customers, how to attract attention with new technologies, and how to understand what you have accomplished with each campaign.

What’s the future of Business? By Brian Solis
Business is about about people and people are consumers. This book from one of my all time favorite thinkers, Brian Solis, is all about connected consumerism, mobility, the role of technology in decision-making, and the importance of ongoing experiences that re-engage people across every stage of their interaction with a business. There is a lot to learn from the stories Brian shares and his inspiring words about why everything is always about an experience you have.

Data-driven PR and the Human Element by Shel Israel
PR is all about the right story at the right time with the right journalist. With so many people to know and build relationships with, you have to know who people are and how you and help them. Shel breaks it down in this great article in Medium.

Storytelling for Startups by Mark Evans
Nobody knows when the first story was told, but we do know that telling stories is an intrinsic part of human culture. Telling stories about your business seems intuitive, but it takes finesse, facts and engaging content. I learned more about the art of storytelling from Mark.

How to get PR for your Startup: TRACTION by Murray Newlands & Drew Hendricks
Getting traction in the press is not a slam-dunk event…it takes strategy, planning, excellent execution and luck. Furthermore, PR now includes content marketing, social media, measurement and more. Two journalists share what works and what does not in this quick read and guide book.

I am always looking for new ideas and new resources. What have you been reading this past summer related to PR and marketing? Let me know!