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“Groshelle Communications delivered. The global coverage that this PR campaign secured truly built widespread awareness of the Open Garden brand with investors and among the geek community around the world. Heidi’s work even helped us close our first round of financing as many investors reached out to us to learn more and invest.”
Micha Benoliel – founder and CEO, Open Garden

“Heidi is a master of succinct and interesting pitches, taking our complex technical message and simplifying appropriately given the target. As a result of working with her, we’ve been able to reach more analysts, trade press, and potential customers.”
Margaret Walker – Marketing, CohesiveFT

“Heidi helped put our brand on the map with awareness, visibility and ongoing press attributions.”
Paul Cegielski – Director of Marketing, Document Capture Technologies

“Heidi was recommended by our UK PR team to launch a client’s Smartphone app into the US technology market. It was a pleasure to develop the US PR strategy with her & an even greater pleasure to see the subsequent coverage that was delivered! Many of the articles Heidi & her team were responsible for can be seen on the client’s site at Talk to Heidi if you need results from your US tech PR!”
Fraser Ritchie – VP Marketing,

“I’m constantly amazed at the level of awareness that was generated so quickly with all types of people across the world thanks to your creativity, counsel and hard work.”
Fred Bullock – Former Chief Marketing Officer, Firefly Mobile

“We are deeply appreciative of your enthusiasm and the result speaks for itself. It is indeed a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to future collaboration with you.”
Francis Chen – Venture Partner, WI Harper

“Solid benefited from Groshelle Communications’ diverse talents many times over. Whether media outreach, analyst strategy, or developing news initiatives, they are creative, disciplined, and deliver results.”
Malcolm Colton – Former Vice President of Marketing, Solid Information Technology

“Whether working on a story with me or introducing me to her clients at a trade show, Heidi makes sure that she brings me a great story and interesting people. She is the WAY coolest PR person imaginable.”
Loring Wirbel – Editor, EDN Publications

“Heidi is diligent, efficient, and really a delight to work with. She is a go-getter that makes things happen.”
Lee Goldberg – Sr. Technical Editor, analogZONE